Our research interests lie in the area of bioinformatics. We employ computational methods to elucidate relationships between gene sequences, expression function, interactions, genome, and pathways. The ultimate goal of our research projects is to obtain new, comprehensive understanding of how structures and functions are coded in molecular sequences and how functions of molecules are orchestrated in animals. Specifically, we develop…


Gene expression data clustering; MicroRNA binding site prediction; Developing gene expression regulation database; Gene expression regulator entichment analysis; MicroRNA binding site enrichment analysis; Salmonella infection and pig immune response. porcine skeletal muscle development


1. Tinghua Huang#, Xiali Huang, Bomei Shi, Xiongyan Liang, Jingbo Luo, Min Yao*, Relationship between MS4A8 expression, its variants, and the immune response in a porcine model of Salmonella, Canadian Journal of Animal Science, 2018 (Accepted) 2. Tinghua Huang#, Xiali Huang, Min Yao*, miR-143 inhibits intracellular salmonella growth by targeting ATP6V1A in macrophage cells in pig, Res Vet Sci, 2018,…


Tinghua Huang (group supervisor), associated professor in Yangtze University, animal science department. In June 2004, I graduated from the major of animal science in Huazhong Agricultural University and enrolled in the master’s degree in the Key Laboratory of animal genetics, breeding and breeding education of Huazhong Agricultural University in September the same year. I received my doctorate in animal genetics…


Here is a bunch of code/script we have used in our research: 1. Analysis gene expression data using limma R package