Tinghua Huang (group supervisor), associated professor in Yangtze University, animal science department. In June 2004, I graduated from the major of animal science in Huazhong Agricultural University and enrolled in the master’s degree in the Key Laboratory of animal genetics, breeding and breeding education of Huazhong Agricultural University in September the same year. I received my doctorate in animal genetics and breeding in June 2009. From June 2009 to 2013 I joined Chris Tuggle’s group and doing research work on Salmonella infection in the Department of animal science, Iowa State University. Since July 2013, I have been engaged in teaching and scientific research at the College of animal science, Yangtze University.
承担的科研项目(Research projects):

Wenzhao Feng, undergraduate student
Bachelor of Computer Science, Yangtze University, 2018
Bachelor of Animal Science, Yangtze University,2018
Experitise in installation of various software on different operation systems
Experitise in the usage of oracle/mysql database and MS office tools
Expert in using algorithm in Bioinformatics
Chnsys Company, July, 2018 to Present
Software testing.

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