Expression data analysis use limma

source(“”) options(BioC_mirror=””) biocLite(c(“Biobase”, “affyPLM”, “limma”)) library(“Biobase”) library(“affyPLM”) library(limma) exprsFile


Our research interests lie in the area of bioinformatics. We employ computational methods to elucidate relationships between gene sequences, expression …

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Gene expression data clustering; MicroRNA binding site prediction; Developing gene expression regulation database; Gene expression regulator entichment analysis; MicroRNA binding …

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1. Tinghua Huang#, Xiali Huang, Bomei Shi, Xiongyan Liang, Jingbo Luo, Min Yao*, Relationship between MS4A8 expression, its variants, and …

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Tinghua Huang (group supervisor), associated professor in Yangtze University, animal science department. In June 2004, I graduated from the major …

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Here is a bunch of code/script we have used in our research: 1. Analysis gene expression data using limma R …

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